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Hey! Welcome to our travel website!

Our Story:

We are a married couple originally from the midwest. We met in college (in probability class… what are the odds!) and got married in 2010. The Mrs. has a background in high school math education and the Mr. is an entrepreneur / computer programmer / tech industry. Currently, the Mrs. plans day-to-day travel and keeps our life in order while the Mr. plans our big-picture travel and works remotely as a full time employee at a large Fortune 100 company.

What Makes Us Unique: 

We are the only 'travel people' we know that travel full time and maintain a full time job with a regular company.  We've figured out how to maintain regular business hours (full of phone calls and video meetings) and still globe trot.  We've figured out how to not actually live anywhere, not own cars, and juggle all the pieces of life on the road while still having the things we need: insurance (medical and car), fulfill jury duty, pay bills, watch netflix, juggle time zones... etc.  While our website started in 2019, we have been traveling full time since 2014 so we have built up a very solid base of experiences. We want to share with anyone who is interested how we do that and how they might be able to make it work, too!

Truly Remote Work Lifestyle:

We live what we have dubbed the “Truly Remote Work” lifestyle. This means that we (well, the Mr.) maintains a full time job with regular set hours that he does remotely. However, we don’t stay in one place… pretty much ever! We travel full time while working full time. It started as a desire to travel the West Coast of the United States while we were temporarily living there, and it sort of accidentally turned into a lifestyle we’ve been doing since the end of 2014!

What Our Website Will Offer:

  1. Truly Remote Work Lifestyle: All we've figured out on how to live and travel full time.

  2. Itineraries: day plans you can actually just use without having to put a lot of thought into it (if you want), or modify to better fit your time or interest, full of logistics on how to get places, timing, etc.

  3. Tips: points and miles, general travel tips, packing, bridging language barriers, etc.

  4. Reviews: airline, hotel, airport lounges, tours, etc. (with our own working lifestyle spin)

What Our Website IS:

Our website is usable content you can read and apply to your situation.  It is a curated compilation of our research.  It is real logistics you can implement for your plans (including logistics we have had a hard time finding).  It is itineraries that work for us and the TRW lifestyle.  We offer supplements to existing resources like Rick Steves (because as amazing as he is, he has gaps and room to grow, plus he needs modifications for the TRW lifestyle).  

What Our Website Is NOT:

Our website is not a journal.  We will not be writing about our thoughts and feelings.  We are not a travel agent, we are not location experts, and we are not historians.  We are not claiming to be the end-all-be-all on what to do in cities.


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