Hotel Review - Conrad Seoul

The Conrad Seoul was a great, luxury hotel. It was my favorite from our trip to Seoul and was an all in great experience. If the location works for you and you’re looking for an amazing hotel for your next trip to Seoul you can’t go wrong with this one.

tl;dr: The hotel is great if you’ll be in that area or are particularly a fan of the Conrad brand hotels. It’s not particularly cheap, but can be redeemed for Hilton points (60,000). See TripAdvisor Reviews.

The Hotel

The hotel is in the Yeongdeungpo-gu area near the Yeouido station. From the moment you walk in you’ll be taken aback from the huge, impressive lobby.

The entire place is huge, beautiful, and elegant. I particularly liked the spiral staircase, but be warned that to get to the next floor you’re going up the equivalent of about 3 flights of stairs.

The Room

The room was great. It was a good size and very comfortable. The bed was good and they had several different pillow options if you want something besides the standard feather pillows. There were power curtains on the windows which was a nice touch and the desk and the desk chair were good.

The one complaint that I had was that the AC didn’t really keep the room as cool as we liked, but they were really responsive about it and ended up giving us a fan to use in the room which definitely helped.

The desk was convenient and comfortable to work from though. You shouldn’t have any issues (other than maybe the internet) if you need to work from here during your stay.

The room also had plenty of extra amenities. Probably my favorite was the console to control everything in the room, but there were plenty of interesting things to play with.

The bathroom was also pretty good. Plenty of room, both a shower and a tub, and the shower was actually good. It had good water pressure, stable temperatures, and both a rain and handheld shower head. It also had one of the fancy Japanese style toilets which are always nice.

All in the room was really great. You’ll definitely have a great stay here.

The Food

There were several restaurants at the hotel.

There was a Ramen place called Noodle Bar which we ate and it was pretty good.

And an Italian place called Atrio. We didn’t eat the this one, but the pictures looked pretty good. There was also a grill and bar on the roof.

Then there was Zest which was an international buffet and where breakfast was served. The breakfast was great. There was a huge selection of food and it was all really great. It was definitely the best hotel breakfast we had in Korea and one of the better ones we’ve had in Asia. We were really impressed overall and definitely made sure to make time to get to breakfast. If you’re a Hilton Diamond member you can get the breakfast included for free with your stay which is a great perk.

The Amenities

The hotel has plenty of amenities. I was quite happy with the gym for starters.

The Gym was great except for the fact that it was kept at like a million degrees. I’m not really sure why this was. We were there in spring and it was a little cooler than normal, so I’m hoping it was just that they had the heat on too high to compensate, but it was pretty rough running in there with the extra heat.

They also had a large pool, saunas, spa, and even an artificial golf driving range to practice on.

The Location

The hotel is in the Yeoeuido-dong neighborhood which is a beautiful little area with lots of greenery and some financial district buildings. The hotel is notably right above the IFC Mall (you can reach it by just going down from the lobby which is super convenient) which has all kinds of food and shopping which was really nice. It’s also just a few minutes walk from the Yeouido station which is great for getting around. All in the hotel location was great if you’re looking for something in this neighborhood.

The Internet

i worked quite a bit while I was here. Overall the internet was actually quite challenging and annoying and definitely a weak point for the hotel. It had an unusual version of the sign on screen, it kicked me off on each device every 24 hours, and the internet was slow and flakey. I regularly ran into fuzzy videos and buffering when watching Netflix or similar, and doing video calls was frustrating. Constantly dropping out and buffering in weird spots which made it challenging to maintain calls at times. For a place as connected as Seoul the internet at the hotel was really disappointing and much worse than the test results below might make it look.

The Service

The service was great here. Check in was fast and smooth. We didn’t get a room upgrade, but when we asked about one they ended up giving us a voucher for the hotel’s sauna. We also collect the Conrad animals that many of the Conrads in Asia give out and although we didn’t find one in the room, when we asked about them in the lounge they gave us one for free! Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful and the concierge was even kind enough to walk out and point us in the right direction for a lunch place he had recommended. House keeping was prompt and extremely helpful. And the only real room issue we had was with the A/C, but they sent someone up to look at it within minutes when we called around 10:30 or 11:00pm. Then the next day they actually proactively asked us how it was doing and sent us a fan for the room to use in case it hadn’t improved.

All in we were quite impressed with the service here and were extremely happy with it.

Bottom Line

This hotel was great. It was my favorite of the hotels we stayed at in Seoul this trip. The food was all amazing; especially the breakfast! The hotel itself was clean, modern, and really nice. The lounge was large and had a great feel to it. The gym was warm, but it seemed like pretty much all the gyms we went to in Seoul were warm, so maybe that’s just a thing. The gym itself was great, though. And our room was really nice. If the location works for you it’s really an amazing place to stay and I’d definitely recommend it.


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