Hotel Review - Petra Marriott Hotel

The Petra Marriott Hotel is a good spot for a quick overnight stay close to Petra. There is a real advantage to getting to Petra early in the morning and this hotel makes that pretty easy. The rooms aren’t big or over the top, but the prices are a little expensive. You’re definitely paying for the convenience of the location, but they do have all the amenities you’ll need to keep you comfortable. We had a few small speed bumps with the hotel, but all in all it was a good stay.

tl;dr: If you’re looking for something close to Petra this will fit the bill and have everything you need. It’s not without it’s minor hiccups, though. It’s pricey for Jordan, so you’ll pay for that convenience, but is a Marriott category 4 that can be redeemed for 25,000 points / night as of this writing. See TripAdvisor Reviews.

The Hotel

The hotel is up on a hill near Petra. It has the same kind of security we saw at all our hotels in Jordan, a metal detector and baggage x-ray machine. The lobby and entrance are simple, but nice.

Podium by the entrance.

Podium by the entrance.

The lobby has a simple, but old school elegance. They even had someone playing the piano in the evenings. It’s was a nice area with great views off the patio in the back. It also was usually relatively quiet, even though this hotel was obviously a stop for many tour groups in the area.

Petra Marriott Hotel Lobby area.

Petra Marriott Hotel Lobby area.

The Room

The room was small and simple, but mostly comfortable. There wasn’t a ton of space, but we still had a desk, chair, and all the basic things we needed for a good stay. There weren’t a ton of power outlets, though, and the ones we had mostly didn’t work. In the end we ended up plugging everything into a single outlet by the desk because that was the only one we could get to work.

The bathroom was also pretty small and simple. The shower was good, though, and we had everything we needed. Along a running theme, though, the hair dryer kept overheating and was a bit challenging to use in the morning. Notable given how cold the mornings in Petra can be.

We were traveling in the winter in Jordan, but often we found the room to be hot in the evening. The hotel didn’t have AC (they can only have heat or AC and at the time they had the heat on), so we ended up sleeping with the window cracked a bit. It definitely cooled the room down, but it was really windy and came with a bit of a whistle throughout the night.

The Food

We only had a short stay here and didn’t end up eating much at the hotel since we spent most of our time in Petra. We did end up with room service one night and a welcome gift from the room service staff and both were good. The breakfast area also looked nice, but we didn’t get a chance to partake this trip (though we did have a breakfast option included with our Marriott status).

The Amenities

There was a nice bar area that was simple and great to relax in.

The hotel also had a Spa and (I think) a gym / fitness center, but I didn’t really have any interest in getting more exercise outside of Petra!

The Location

The hotel is about a 5 minute drive from Petra. It’s not quite close enough to walk conveniently, but it’s a perfect place for an overnight stay to make your visit to Petra more enjoyable. It’s built up on a hill and has beautiful views of the area, but there isn’t really a lot near the hotel. If you’re looking for a nice place to get an early start on Petra, this place is great, but there’s not really much nearby and you’ll still need a bike or a car to get there (though the hotel does offer transportation for a small fee of 5 JOD as of this writing).

The Internet

The internet was a bit mixed here. We had this annoying issue when we first got there that when we’d sign in to the internet with our last name and room number we’d get to the “Signed on” screen, but the internet still didn’t work. We called down to the desk and ended up getting an activation code from them instead. For new devices that we used the code on the internet worked great, but for anything we had tried to sign on with the name / room number we had no option to enter the code. After a few hours (I’m guessing when the authentication timed out) we finally got the code link back and it all worked great from there. Fast streaming and stable access, but the whole sign on issue was weird and quite annoying.

The Service

This one was an interesting one from the service perspective. It started out a little rough with a miscommunication at check in around our welcome gift. We had double checked a few times on what we would receive if we went with the food option and what we got didn’t match at all. After we called to correct it, though, they brought us what we had originally discussed at check in and all was well.

House keeping was kind of the same way. The room was clean and tended to, but the sheets on the bed weren’t the right sheets for the bed and we didn’t receive any towels initially on the first day. There were also no wash cloths on the second day, though both of these items were fixed with a quick phone call.

We did end up running into the manager in the lobby, though, and he was very concerned with making sure out stay was top notch. He asked us if there was anything they could do for us and insisted several times that he wanted to make sure they could do something for us. In the end they gave us extra waters, extra towels, a fruit bowl, and two extra sodas and mixed nuts at the bar - all complimentary!

All in all I would say the service was pretty good. They clearly cared about making sure we were taken care of and making things right. There were just a few small speed bumps on the way to get there.

Bottom Line

The main thing you’re going to get out of this hotel is a convenient place to sleep close to Petra for your early morning visit. You won’t be roughing it by any stretch, and they have all the amenities you need for a comfortable short stay, but it was a little small and a little rough around the edges. The price felt high for what we got, but you’re mostly paying for the location on this one. The service was good, though, and they definitely went out of their way to try to make sure we had a great stay. If you’re looking for a place near Petra, this is one of the best.


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