Hotel Review - Westin Chosun Seoul

The Westin Chosun Seoul was a great, luxury hotel in an amazing location. Every aspect of our stay was great from the food, to the lounge, to the room, to the check in / check out process. This hotel really is a wonderful place for your next trip to Seoul.

tl;dr: The hotel is great is great and in an amazing location. The rooms aren’t huge, but they’re nice. It can be booked with Marriott points (35,000) if you’re looking to do a redemption. See TripAdvisor Reviews.

The Hotel

The hotel has quite a bit of history and is located in a great spot. From the moment you pull up they’ll take care of everything.

The Room

The room wasn’t particularly large, but it was nice. It definitely has more of an old school luxury feel to it. The bed is really comfortable, though, and everything in the room worked out well for us. The desk was reasonably comfortable and worked well for me to work from for a few days.

The bathroom was a little small, but all in pretty nice. The shower worked well and I always enjoy when I get a fancy Japanese toilet.

My only real complaint about the room would be that the AC worked ok, but definitely got warm occasionally. Not as bad as some of the other hotels we stayed at while in Seoul, but still less than I was hoping for.

The Food

The lounge breakfast was pretty good for a lounge breakfast and might be a good alternative if you’re looking for something faster than the main restaurant. The quality of the food was pretty good overall, and a pretty varied selection as you can see from the photos.

There was also room service available. One of our favorite things to do was to get the breakfast served to the room (which is included in the rate) and eat a fresh breakfast in the room. They had a card you could just fill out and hang on the door to place your order and set your delivery time. It was a great treat in the morning.

The Amenities

The lounge was pretty nice. It even had computers and a printer for your use if you need one. I liked the smaller rooms off the sides also as a quieter area to sit.

The gym was pretty elaborate. You had to get a bracelet in order to get in and you entered through the locker rooms. The locker rooms also had saunas, showers, and were actually really nice. They even had workout clothes you could work out in if you wanted to which I thought was pretty unusual. The gym itself was huge and had tons of equipment, personal trainers and a separate room for you to meet with them in and a room for some group classes. It was really quite impressive and they actually kept it reasonably cool which was great.

The one thing that was a little odd was that because of the locker room / bracelet situation if you wanted to go in the late night hours you had to call ahead and have them let you in a separate door on the 2nd floor instead. It wasn’t really too much trouble and I ended up with the entire gym to myself, but it was a little tedious to call them when I wanted to go for a late night run.

The Location

The hotel is in an amazing location. It’s right next to the subway station with convenient access to that if you need it. The real benefit, though, is that it’s quite close to the Myeong-dong area where all the best food we found was. It’s really great to be able to walk to all kinds of great restaurants and food over there while still having easy access to the subway and plenty of other great attractions nearby. This was probably our favorite location we stayed at in Seoul.

The Internet

I worked quite a bit while we were here and the internet was mostly good, but definitely had a few flaky moments. It mostly just appeared as dropped packets or random slow bursts, but I was able to stay connected and everything worked for the most part. If you’re doing video calls you might notice a few issues, though, so be aware of that.

The Service

I was really happy with the service here. Everyone was extremely friendly and really did a great job of making sure we felt welcome and taken care of. This is especially notable given that it was a holiday weekend when we were staying and the hotel was packed. This can be a tough time for hotels to keep the service at peak performance, but I don’t have any complaints. The room was always cleaned promptly and completely, the staff in the lounge was friendly and helpful, our check in and check out were great. You can’t go wrong here.

Bottom Line

Overall this place was great. The service was really impressive, the gym was great, the food was really good, the location was amazingly convenient… I could go on. It’s really a great place to stay and I think you’ll definitely enjoy your time here. I had minor quibbles at most and that’s only because I was looking for something. If you get the chance I’d highly recommend a stay here at the Westin Chosun Seoul.


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